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Fortune smiles on team members because the work team members do is meaningful and critical.

An example assignment: Build the business case for a new venture invention and deliver it in 7 days.

If the assignment is well-made, it matches and stretches the capabilities of the team member(s). For example, consider the work of building a business case.
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Management reserves product definition, development plan, launch plan, operations, and budget items.  The relatively new associate or team member gets comparables, the size of the market, competition, risk assessment, product justification and a guess at the sales price.  The management and team members share talking to customers.

The team member guards time to avoid getting lost in the research by first reviewing the resources available to the work and coming forward with a thoughtful action plan.

One way to make a thoughtful action plan is to prepare a document outline with time estimates.  Use a template with a cover page.  Add a table of contents, a bibliography, and appendix.  Snip out the table of contents.  Ask for a minute to review with management.  Management can see the direction, the expected deliverable, and have a serious conversation about expectations. Talk about the sources you have found and expect to find. Offer to take on some of the work in the yellow boxes on the management side of the work too.  Set up the voice of the customer schedule and assume responsibility for the calendaring.

  1. Summary
    1. Voice of the Customer
    2. Product Launch Plan
    3. Sales Price
    4. Sales Plan
    5. Product Justification
    6. Product Definition
    7. Risk Assessment
  2. Research
    1. Competitive Analysis
    2. Size of Market
    3. Competition
  3. Appendix
    1. Operations Plan
    2. Detailed Development Plan
    3. Budget Numbers
    4. Bibliography

If management wants more, it has a choice: put in more resources or allow more time.  If management wants less (almost never the case), management can balance the workflow. Expectations about seven days work are realistic.  On the fifth day, give an update.  Describe accurately the “good, the bad and the ugly”.  Crunch time and the manager still has time to react and keep the project on track, or add depth and color to key, new points.  For example, you may find that a multinational is still using legacy equipment and particularly ripe for the new invention.  The more the associate keeps his head in the game, the better the presentation.  Result?  The manager’s performance works flawlessly, and the project funded. The associate contribution is high, noted and rewarded.


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