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After an inquiry about a study, (give your email address and get the table of contents) the study provider started emailing.  Every single day the creative, hopeful marketing / sales guy would find a new way to say the same thing “please buy my study” with the implied subtext ” I’m starving for sales”.

As one of the presidential candidates would say, “It was a disaster”.  Response rates for unsolicited emails are low, really low.  One article http://www.magillreport.com/Email-Response-Rates-Pathetically-Low/  pegs responses at 1 per thousand or so.  It is better than the lottery, but no way to make a living.  In the same article, direct call responses are over 12%. Creating a script and learning the phone and how to make calls work is best.

Better to offer a friendly direct, customized email than to do nothing.

First name,

Please forgive me for writing you out of the clear blue sky.  I tried to call, but no one answered at the front desk.  The reason for my call (and this email) is that (company name) is bringing (product name) to market soon. 

(Product name) offers a new to the (industry) way to (name chief benefit).  Like all proud innovators, we believe our product to (the names of other benefits).  

Because you are (compliment, and industry) [do homework on customer] a potential customer that we will eventually market to, we would like to have a brief call to hear your thoughts on our new (product name). 

During this call, our (inventor, and one of the founders) will present the invention and ask you for your opinion about (product name)’s relevance, benefits, and price.  

If a new way of (main product benefit) is of interest, perhaps we can set a call later this week (name a date and time).

Thank you!  (product name) is a great product; your comments will make it better. 

Kind regards,



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