VOC Setting Appointments

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Voice of the customer, setting appointments.  Straight down the middle.


  1. If not entered, enter the customer information into the database
  2. Research less than 10 minutes put the information into the database along with relevant links
  3. Call.  If you know who to ask for, ask.  If you do not know, briefly explain the call and ask the telephone receptionist to direct your call.
  4. When connected introduce yourself with your name and company name
  5. Give the headline, and if they have a minute:

“Hi, this is Nathan with Gears Unlimited (replace with your company and invention). We have a new product in the works and are in the customer discovery phase.  From our research, our company, Gears Unlimited, has selected your company as one of the main companies in your market segment that benefits the most from better gears.

Our company has learned that it is best to hear what companies like yours thinks about our new patent pending invention.  Since you are the “put title here”, and face the problem of gears every day, do you think you might have time to talk to the inventor or one of the founders?  We sincerely want to build great products that solve the problem of gear failure and your thoughts, and other customers thoughts go into the design, so what is presently good becomes great.

I’m setting up the initial 20 calls and if you would like to be on this short list, perhaps tomorrow at ___ PM Central?

Great.  I’ll send you and the inventor, Michael an invite.  What is your email?  I’ll be on the call to make introductions, and after the introductions, I’ll get off the phone and continue to tackle my to-do list.”

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