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Fast and good internet research requires skill and thought. It is a pressure cooker job because no one in management wants to wait and it takes hours of time to be thorough.

The basics: Start with Searching from the search bar is too vague and provides too many results.  Wikipedia for additional search terms.

When looking for a thing, select the images tab to find a photo of a thing close to the research target.  Click the link, open up the page of the “something close” image and use the description of the image and item as a library of terms for new searches.

Keep records of the sources.  The AP Stylebook  is useful for bibliography styles.  AP Stylebook citations are the common tongue of clarity.  The citation widget that comes with Microsoft Word or a variety of free and freemium browser add-ons are useful.  Some companies require other styles.

Once the initial pass through of the information is done, this information, along with the research assignment is sufficient for a working outline.  MS Word and other programs have long document features that include headings.  The headings automatically insert  into tables of contents.  Navigating the document using headings becomes second nature.

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The outline or headings of the document inform the author and keep the document on track.  Stephen King wrote “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft”.  The great reviews are well deserved.

If the task is too large for the time allotment it is good to speak up and modify the assignment so that it is doable.



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