Is it better to License, to Sell?

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License or Sell? Quotes worth reading.

“500 billion Annual patent licensing revenues forecast for the U.S. for the year 2005.  “In 1990, it is estimated that in the United States alone $15 billion in revenue was derived from patent licensing. In 1998, that shot up 700 percent to $100 billion. It is [predicted] that by 2005, patent licensing revenues will top half a trillion dollars annually.  Amazingly, most American businesses are ignoring an astonishing $1 trillion in intellectual property asset wealth. This is thought to represent the most fertile, yet most ignored, ground for development by corporate chief financial officers.  An increasing number of business leaders at companies such as Microsoft, Lucent, Intel, Dell and Dow Chemical are regarding intellectual property as the new core of the modern business enterprise and a major factor in their success.” Patent licensing statistics.  Intellectual Property (IP) licensing revenues statistics. (Arlen L. Olsen, Contributor, 518-220-1850, “Patents are big moneymaker these days for companies,” The Business Review – Albany, Friday, August 11, 2000), obtained via

“We believe that ideas are valuable. Everything that we do—whether partnering with our worldwide network of 4,000 inventors, purchasing patents from individuals and businesses, or creating our own inventions—is aligned to building and growing an invention marketplace. Learn more about us. ”

Click here for our directory of over 1600 companies that are looking for ideas. There’s never been a better time to be an inventor, because more companies than ever before are looking for inventions. As open innovation continues to grow, we think there will be even more companies that want ideas from inventors. Here are just a few:

Marketplace for your ideas. is the marketplace to sell inventions and patents. Our goal is to provide inventors a platform to sell and market their inventions on their own. We do not charge any commission or fees from inventors or invention seekers. It’s risk-free.

Statistically, the odds of venturing a new invention is low. 99.8% fail.  Only 3,000 patents out of 1.5 million patents are commercially viable. “In truth, odds are stacked astronomically against inventors, and no marketing outfit can change them. ‘There are around 1.5 million patents in effect and in force in this country, and of those, maybe 3,000 are commercially viable,’ [Richard Maulsby, director of the Office of Public Affairs for the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

Think about it.

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