Inventions with Family and Friends

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Three new inventions last week.

Two of them from family and friends.

They want the “idea” to be drawn and the specifications written “good enough” for the patent attorney to edit.  No money exchanged hands, it is night work without hard deadlines.  On one, the offer was 25% to take the concept to the invention with drawings and specifications and is a consumer product.  The second, being family. a 10% offer to a family friend for his expertise and keep 90%.  Like Mark Cuban says, “you only need one”.

These new inventions are surprising.

Never thought that people would come  with their ideas and ask for help for “good enough” drawings and specifications, ready for legal review. So far, one item complete and two to go. Check out the sell sheet for the “Walk with me” cup – an attractive multi-purpose item.

When an invention achieved patent pending status the percentage is earned but the work continues.  Sell sheets, negotiations, contacts and other support is offered to the inventor.  After all,  no one makes any money until sales.

If you have a good idea but need help with drawings and specifications that are “good enough” and are willing to pay by giving up a percentage, then feel free to email at


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