Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)


Customer relationship management software (CRM)  is a tool with two primary functions.

It enables salespeople to track and close customers within the sales strategy of the company. CRM gives management insight into the customers and extracts information that is used to increase profits.

CRM is a balancing act between these two needs.  Sales people do not like to track and be tracked.  From a management perspective, the information is too valuable not to track. Management wants to know everything, sales for the most part, resent the seemingly non-productive data entry.  The easier and more useful to sales, the more the CRM gets used.  A fancy CRM that is hard to learn, but captures everything management wants falls flat because of sales resistance to being data entry clerks. Conversely, too little information means that everyone might as well be using their paper diaries.

The biggest problem with Customer Relationship Software is adoption.

A web-based product that works on all devices seems necessary.  Venture Inventor prefers Pipeline Deals. Pipeline Deals is user-friendly CRM (Customer Relationship Management).  None of the CRM’s are fun to use in real time.  But, without customer information at fingertips, calls and followups get missed.  Emails are automatically routed to the right deal, so the headache of keeping up with correspondence is minimized.

It has a nice feature for management.  On the home page is an activity box.  Managment can look at the activity box and see who is doing what.  So, if one of the sales people is not logging in and documenting their work, the lack of activity shows.  This feature allows the executive to understand how long calls and meeting take and the data collection process.

The Pipeline deals browser based program is configurable.  Open a drop-down and select the information to view. Keeping thousands of companies, a hundred leads and prospects organized is easy.

Bear in mind that this is a simple interface.   A person of moderate computer skills can operate it immediately without training. It has simple, configurable privileges.  It is easy, reliable and reasonably priced ($25 per user per month).

Pipeline Deals is in the Venture Inventor’s Toolbox.

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